We love playing dress-up.

We love playing dress-up with our customers and they have a ball, too! Try on an outfit; our staff will demonstrate how great you’ll look with a limited edition or one-of-a-kind scarf, hat, handbag, belt or jewelry. If you consider accessories to be an integral part of your wardrobe, go straight to the head of the class!

We’ve been dealing with many of our jewelers since 1983, and that means they have great staying power. Many are nationally recognized and collected. You’ll find both fun pieces that give your outfits a “pop” (look for Teresa Goodall and Mei Fa) and more serious jewelers like Michou, Julie Shaw, Tabra, Ann Allen, Amy Kahn Russell, Angie Olami, Donna Chambers, and Erica Zap when you need a fabulous piece to complement your Mother of the Bride or cocktail dress.

It’s always best to accessorize when you buy your clothing, as our staff can best evaluate color, style, length, etc. and pair it with the appropriate jewelry. If you have a favorite outfit that refreshing, please bring it in with you and see how many accessories will work with it.

We love to show off our exclusive, one-of-a-kind scarves: no brainer and long wavy – found only at Dina Porter.. And custom designed in colors to complement Eileen Fisher, URU and Toofan, etc. Select from over 20 other lines of scarves in all shapes, sizes, and fabrications. Our staff will show you how to wear a scarf, instead of it wearing you! You can even request a custom scarf made in colors to match an outfit that needs a special “pop”!

Fall in love with a dress or outfit but need more cover (or warmth)? Choose a dramatic stole in silk, cashmere, or blends; we have the perfect one to keep you covered.

Some women are shoe freaks, others can’t resist handbags. We cater to the latter. Leathers abound in the store in both daytime and evening handbags. For those of you who “collect” Mary Frances handbags, you’ll be thrilled with the wonderful array of purses from daytime to nighttime. Who can resist her intricate detailed bags, and at prices that will surprise you.

Vinyl handbags? Not here! Ours are made of the finest leathers and come from the USA and Italy. Roche is our most requested handbag line. They feature embossed leathers in fabulous colors, styles and sizes. We’ve dealt with them for over 20 years, and can personally attest to Roche’s wearability, functionality, and great looks!

If you are looking for buttery soft leathers, we are pleased to present many other lines, too. And we’ll help you choose the correct size handbag to meet your needs…and your figure! (And feel free to empty your current purse into a new one to check the “fit”!)

For more formal occasions, we love showing off our many evening bags (from minaudieres to silks to tapestry bags). A suggestion: choose your purse or handbag when buying evening clothes so you are sure they will match the occasion.

Suruchi fabric travel bags are the darlings of our “on the road” customers. Carry them on the plane; the compartments allow you to stow all your essentials, and still fit under the seat. Offered in many sizes, they’re available in many styles and colors so you can “wear” them at home, too. And we can order a style in a fabric just for you!

Hats off to Eric Javits, and to many of our other hat artists! Hats for all occasions– from weddings, church, garden parties, the Kentucky Derby, as well as hats for winter warmth and for summer shade! Prices range all over the board; see how great you’ll look in one of ours. And yes, we carry both red (and purple hats) for our many friends in “The Red Hat Society”.

Belts are a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. Worn through waist loops or draped around your hips, many fashions pair well with belts. Use one to perk up an old outfit, to mimic the colors in a scarf or other accessory, or to visually lower your waistline.

We have a wonderful designer whose belts straps and buckles are interchangeable. Terry Stack’s line is as extensive as it is reasonable. You’ll be tempted to get several of each piece, and wear them year round. Terry’s is one of several lines that we have at Dina Porter, so be sure to see them when you are in the store.