welcome to the dressing room

We hear questions and comments from our customers each and every day. So we are going to pass along some words of wisdom that may help you when you shop. I'll call this...


Come when you have the time to shop. If you are in a rush, do a sweep through of the store to get a “lay of the land”. Return later when you aren’t pressed for time. The staff will be better able to serve you, and have time to show you things you might have missed.

Accessories: buy them when you purchase your clothing. It is so much easier to pair things when you have all the pieces of the puzzle. Guesswork (what shade of purple, shape of the neckline, etc.) never works as well as having the clothing on you.

When trying to match clothing you already own, please bring it with you. It is almost impossible for staff to help you when they don’t know how that item looks and fits. If you plan to wear a favorite accessory (jewelry, shoes, etc.), bring it with you.

Remember the power of accessories. If you have a favorite outfit, bring it in and see what magic we can work. You’ll be amazed at what a new scarf or jewelry can do to revive an old outfit.

A recurring scenario occurs when a customer is “under the gun” to purchase an outfit. We may be between seasons, or your size or color may be sold. So, if you see an outfit that looks and fits well, buy it. It’s great to be able to open your closet and have all the components on hand. We aim to keep your stress level at a minimum!

At holiday or birthday time, visit us and sign a wish list. Choose at least 4-6 items in several price ranges. This allows the giver to choose what he/she can afford, but also keeps the element of surprise. The best part: you’ll love what you receive, and they’ll be thrilled that you love it!

Shop with a friend only if she has similar taste to yours. Otherwise, she may not love what you do. That’s the beauty of a good specialty store. Our staff is honest, as we want you as a long term customer, not just as a short term sale. We’ll give you the straight scoop, and direct you to clothes that will make you look and feel fabulous.

These simple suggestions will help to take the stress out of shopping!

Hope to see you soon.